The ASA log book recommends that each ASA level be augmented with 25-30 hours of practice but many students do not have access to a sailboat to practice on. Delmarva Sailing School has solved this problem by creation of the Delmarva Sailing School Practice Sailing Program.

Once you get ASA certified for a sailing class at Delmarva Sailing School you can retake the same class for 50% of the list price for the same class. You do not have to take the written test so it is all fun and great practice.

This is of interest to students who want more helm time before taking the next class, before chartering, or before purchasing their own sailboat. If it has been a while since you took your last class, or if you simply feel you need more practice before progressing to the next level, the Practice Sailing Program may be what you need to turn you into a confident sailor.

You can participate in the Practice Sailing Program on any date shown on the Schedule Page unless it is already full.

This unique program is reason enough by itself for any serious student to choose Delmarva Sailing School for their sailing education.

In addition to our own alumni, students from other ASA Affiliated Sailing Schools are welcome to participate in the Delmarva Sailing School Practice Sailing Program. We offer this because we are confident that once these students experience the quality of our sailing classes, they will stay with us for their future classes.

Just visit the Schedule Page to select the class date you want. Then contact to see if the class date you want is available. Then sign up for the Delmarva Sailing School Practice Sailing Program by visiting the How to Sign Up Page of our website.

Delmarva Sailing School Practice Sailing Program Prices:

DSS ASA101 Basic Keelboat $299.50 -2 Days

DSS ASA103 Basic Coastal Cruising No Longer Available for Practice Sail Program

DSS ASA104 Carbonate Cruising $462.50 -3 Days

DSS ASA118 Docking $274.50 -2 Days

Prices for the Delmarva Sailing School Practice Sailing Program ASA101, and ASA104 classes include breakfast, lunch, beverages, slip fees, etc. Students eat off the boat in local restaurants for dinner. Practice Sailing Program ASA118 docking classes do not include meals or beverages. ASA103, ASA106 and A108 are not available as Practice Sail Program classes.

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