ASA 103 Coastal Cruising
ASA 103/ASA104 Combination
ASA103/104/118 Combination
ASA118 Docking Endorsement

Tipping is not required but if your captain does a great job you may want to give a tip. Please also complete the evaluation form you will receive from ASA, after your class is over.
ASA 101 Challenge-

Students with significant experience are welcome to challenge ASA101 and sign up for an ASA103 or ASA103/ASA104 Combination class. Challenging ASA101 requires the student to pass the ASA101 written test with an 80%, and demonstrate the on-the-water skills required for the ASA101 standard. Although a separate on-the-water test can be arranged, demonstrating the on-the-water skills typically happens while the student takes an ASA103 or ASA103/ASA104 Combination class. Price: $225. Price includes Sailing Made Easy Textbook, ASA 3 month Membership, ASA logbook, ASA Test, and ASA 101 Certification.

Delmarva Sailing School

Private Sailing Class Descriptions and Prices:

Private Sailing Class Prices:
ASA101/103 Combination
ASA101/103/104 Combination
ASA101 Basic Keelboat Class
In ASA101, ASA103, ASA104, and ASA106 classes students eat all or nearly all breakfasts and lunches on board. Dinners are eaten off of the boat in local restaurants unless there is no restaurant available. In the event that our boat stays overnight at anchor or on a mooring ball where local shore-based dinner is unavailable, dinner will be planned, provisioned and provided by the school. Students are responsible for purchase of any meals in local restaurants.
ASA104 Bareboat Cruising
ASA106 Advanced Coastal Cruising
ASA104/ASA118 Combination
ASA116 Dinghy & Outboard Endorsement
Take Private Sailing Classes instead of group classes and gain individual instruction that can be modified to fit your education needs and schedule. We offer Private Sailing Classes with or without ASA certification on your sailboat or ours. 10% discount for taking more than one class. Prices below include all discounts.
Private ASA Sailing Classes with ASA certification:

This is of interest to small groups of friends or families who do not want a group class. Private ASA Sailing Classes with ASA Certification are available for $1,150/day with 2-5 students. Since the Class Descriptions for Group and Private ASA Classes are the same, please see the Class descriptions shown on the Group Class Description page for a description of each ASA Sailing Class. Please see below Prices and recommended number of class days for various ASA Private Classes including a 10% discount for taking two or more classes. On board meals and students staying on board our teaching vessel all nights of the classes, and the evening prior to the class start date are included. ASA Textbooks, tests, and ASA certifications are included in prices for 2-5 students. All sailboat and slip fee expenses included.

ASA101- $2,300- 2 Days
ASA102- $2,300- 2 Days
ASA103- $2,300- 2 Days
ASA104- $3,450- 3 Days
ASA116- $1,150- 1 Day
ASA118- $2,300- 2 Days- 3 Student minimum
ASA106- $8,050- 7 Days
ASA101/103 Combination- $4,140- 4 Days
ASA103/104 Combination- $5,175- 5 Days
ASA103/104/118 Combination- $7,245- 7 Days
ASA101/103/104 Combination- $7,245- 7 Days
ASA104/118 Combination- $5,175- 5 Days
ASA116/118Combination- $3,105- 3 Days
Private Sailing Classes without ASA Certification:

Private Sailing Classes without ASA Certification are available on our or your sailboat and are of interest to students who want to hire a competent captain to help improve their sailing and seamanship skills. Class content is determined based on communication between students and Delmarva Sailing School personnel. Typical examples are new sailboat owners or those about to charter a sailboat but feel like they first need to improve some of their skills.

Please contact Captain Mike Brown at or call 215-499-0335 to discuss your objectives and schedule a Private Sailing Class on our or your sailboat to accomplish your goal of becoming a competent sailboat captain.

Available on our sailboat for $999/day including boat expenses operating near our home port of Rock Hall, MD. No meals, course materials, ASA certifications are included. One full day minimum required.

Available on your sailboat for $769/day plus travel expenses if student sailboat is more than 50 miles from Rock Hall, MD. No course materials or ASA certifications included. For multiday sailing classes, unless other arrangements are made, captain sleeps on student sailboat and eats on board food at no cost to captain. All boat expenses are to sailboat owner. One full day minimum required.
ASA102 Keelboat 2 Class
Group Sailing Class Descriptions and Prices
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Private Sailing Class Descriptions and Prices
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Corporate Team Building Program
ASA Challenge Program
How to Become an ASA Sailing Instructor
How to Schedule a Private Class?

A Private Class can be scheduled on any days shown on the Group Sailing Class Schedule page so long as the dates are not already sold and sometimes on days not shown. Please contact or 215-499-0335 to schedule a private class.