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How to Become an ASA Sailing Instructor?
At Delmarva Sailing School, all on the water Instructor Qualification Clinics are conducted on a 39 foot Pearson sloop.

ASA201 Basic Keelboat Sailing- July 26-28, 2024- $499. Includes test preparation course materials.

ASA202 Keelboat 2- July 29, 2024-$299. Includes test preparation course materials.

ASA203 Basic Coastal Cruising- July 30, 2024- $299. Includes test preparation course materials.

ASA204 Bareboat Cruising IQC- July 31, 2024- $299. Includes test preparation course materials.

ASA206 Advanced Coastal Cruising IQC- August 1, 2024- $299

ASA218 Docking Endorsement IQC- August 2, 2024- $299

ASA216 Dinghy and Outboard Engine IQC- Date TBD - $299

ASA205 Coastal Navigation & Piloting IQC- Date TBD - $299

ASA217/207 Celestial Navigation IQC- Date TBD- 2024 - $299
ASA217 and ASA207 candidates must be available during day and evening before the IQC date.

All Instructor Qualification Clinics are run by Captain Michael Brown, ASA Master Instructor and USCG 50 Ton Ocean Master.
If you want to become an ASA Certified Sailing Instructor, you must earn Instructor Certification for any ASA Certification level you want to teach. ASA student level classes include ASA101, ASA102, ASA103, etc. The instructor level certifications are similar but all begin with a 2 such as ASA201, ASA202, ASA203, etc.

In order to gain ASA Instructor Certification you must attend an ASA Instructor Qualification Clinic (IQC) at an ASA Affiliated Sailing School. The ASA Affiliated Sailing School will have an ASA Certified Master Instructor who will evaluate your sailing knowledge and skills.

Testing is fairly rigorous with a written test similar in difficulty to the USCG exam. There is also on the water evaluation of your sailing ability. An ASA201 IQC typically takes 2.5 days, followed by one day each for ASA202, ASA203, etc.

You do not need to already have a USCG Merchant Mariner Credential to participate in an ASA IQC but, in order to teach ASA Certified Sailing Classes on an auxiliary sailboat, you must have a US Coast Guard issued Merchant Mariner Credential. (MMC). The minimum MMC required is Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV) commonly referred to as a “6-pack” or “Charterboat Captain's License.

In order to sign up for an IQC at Delmarva Sailing School, please visit the How to sign up page.
How to Become an ASA Sailing Instructor?
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How to Become an ASA Sailing Instructor